History of Patch Collecting

Since before the first century, insignias were adopted to show dedication to a religion, family, or culture. The Greeks and Romans and later, the Christians, all had emblems that were symbols of the religious and cultural beliefs. Medieval Christians wore badges made of metal and pinned onto their clothing to show they had been to […]

John Wayne Patch Quote

Now we didn’t get to sit down with him, but John Wayne, the Duke, was overheard recently speaking about his beret patch for the 5th Special Forces.He was telling a child a little about his military patch on his beret, and this is what he said in his conversation:”You see, this patch means I’m a bad ass.”-John WayneHe […]

Jesus Adores Patches

Well this one takes the cake. I was hanging out with Jesus and he even likes Popular Patch. After gabbing about the political climate of the United States, the topic changed to what I was doing lately. I told Him about our patch blog, our warehouse full of patches, our website, and our vision and I saw […]

William Wallace Patch Quote

Ok, this is embarrassing.We got a contract to supply the entire Scottish army lead by none other than William Wallace himself with a freaking ton of patches! 2,300 to be exact. I’m certain you can see why. I mean that’s quite a lot of patches and quite a bit of exposure. But we screwed up. […]

Military Skull Patches

At Popular Patch we try to find some of the most sought after military skull patchesavailable. Most of our customers look for generic navy or army patches, and then many also look for specific unit patches that their loved one, friend, or they themselves have been a part of. However there is no denying that […]