The Best Way to Preserve your Military Patches

If you are reading this article you have served in the military and for that, I thank you for your service to our Country. You have worked hard, sacrificed, and fought with honor. You have met friends and lost friends; these are the people you will never forget.

As you think back on your military career and tell stories to your children and show them your old uniforms, you may start thinking about preserving your military unit patches. Your military unit patches reflect on not only your history in life but the history of the military; as you know each patch has been around for a long time and each tells a story. Preserving a piece of history to share with your family is important. It’s sharing your history which is a precious thing to preserve.

We all have our military unit patches; Navy patches and Army unit patches still sewn onto our uniform sleeves which are hanging in our closets. The best part of your uniform to preserve is the patches – your history and the military history of your unit. Each patch tells a story, but you know that already. Why not preserve your military unit patches and display them on a wall in your den or living room. When your uniform has long been eaten by moths your unit patches will remain forever. Your stories, your history will be passed down in your family for generations and is important to preserve as we all learn from history especially personal history. This is a piece that deserves to be preserved and passed down for generations.

The worst thing to expose your military unit patches to is sunlight. Sunlight will fade your patches in no time and will breakdown the integrity of the patch itself.

Preserving your Military Patches

The best way to display your military unit patches is by mounting them in a shadow box. When you mount your Navy patches or Army Unit patches in a shadow box first place them without adhesive so you can have the layout you want. Using just a little bit of hot glue carefully glue your patches to the board in the back of the shadow box. Remember, just use a little bit of hot glue. Put your shadow box together and you have a beautiful display of history hanging on your wall.

Another way to preserve your military unit patches is to place them on heavy card stock sheets. Once again, arrange your patches how you want them displayed. Cut off a small piece of double-sided adhesive tape to stick your patches to the cardstock. Once you are done, slide the cardstock sheet into a plastic protector and place them in a 3 ring binder. Now you have a coffee table book for everyone to enjoy, learn about history and tell stories.

Preserve history and pass your knowledge along to others. By preserving history we never forget of our past which in turn can make our future better.


About the Author – Sarra Garret

I am a freelance writer and was born and raised in the mountains of New Hampshire and my son was born and raised in Maine. Great places to visit in the fall if you have never been there.

I have 5 rescued dogs who are my family and best friends.

I am passionate about what I write about which is mainly motivational and teaching articles. I want to share smiles with others so they can pay the smiles forward. We need to bring back kindness and respect in this world.

I am a disabled veteran and proud of it joining the US Army at 30.

I believe in Animal Therapy. I believe in fostering children. I believe in making others smile.


Picture used with permission by Joe T.


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