​Navy Lakehurst Historical Society: Preserving the rich airship history in America

“Oh, the humanity!” – Herb Morrison, a radio announcer May 6, 1937 

This is what he said when he came to record a voice over for the landing of the largest dirigible airship ever built, Hindenburg. Little did the people know that it will burst into flames and turned the fabric cover into ashes in just 34 seconds leaving the metal skeleton on the ground, collapsed, and filled the sky of Lakehurst, New Jersey with smoke and fire. 62 passengers and crew members had survived the explosion; some jumped several feet to safety, while others were burned. The Hindenburg was supposed to lead the new age of airship travel, but the crash brought it to an end.

Hindenburg Disaster is just one of the several remembered events in the history of United States. This event is commemorated by the all-volunteer Navy Lakehurst Historical Society (NLSH) to remember the men and women who have made ultimate sacrifice in the military and also the 36 deaths during the disaster.

Lakehurst was known as “The Airship Capital of the World”

Lakehurst is not only where the Hindenburg disaster had taken place, but also the town became a station for other rigid airships such as the Shenandoah, Los Angeles, and Akron. Naval Air Station Lakehurst has become the center for research into aircraft ejection seats and carrier aircraft launch and recovery techniques. The mission continues today as the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in cooperation with NLHS.

Established in 1975, the NLHS is dedicated to preserving the rich history and distinguished heritage of Naval Air Station Lakehurst. They intend to increase the public awareness of one of US Navy’s first air stations through exhibits, guided tours, and displays—including photographs, models of aircrafts, ships, military equipment, clothing, patches, and artifacts—at libraries and museums. The Navy Lakehurst Historical Society also believes that an excellent way to love history is to impart learning to students around the world. There is an interactive guide for Grade 5 students which provides background information, materials, and resources that can be utilized to aid in learning experience which was rolled out during the Hindenburg weekend last year.

What a great way to spend the weekend and see the history come alive! If you happen to be in Lakehurst, make sure to join the walking tour which includes the Hindenburg Crash Site, The Navy Lakehurst Heritage Center, The Ready Room, The POW-MIA Room, and the Historic Hangar One. Tour begins at the Cathedral of the Air. Two-week prior reservation is required for all tours. For more information, visit the society’s official website – www.nlhs.com or call (732)-818-7520.


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  1. I was stationed there 1964-1965 at the station hospital. Walked around area of crash several times. Hard to describe the feeling that comes over a person while visiting the site. Walking around the hangers for the derigibles with railroad engines needed to open them was amazing,
    Never saw, but was told it actually rains inside the hangers.
    Would be an excellent opportunity for all to see!

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