Military Skull Patches

At Popular Patch we try to find some of the most sought after military skull patches available. Most of our customers look for generic navy or army patches, and then many also look for specific unit patches that their loved one, friend, or they themselves have been a part of. However there is no denying that many also look for that eternal symbol of death in their patches. The skull. Skulls have been around as a symbol of death and warning for centuries and in modern use have not disappeared or lost their potency.

When used in military patches, skulls serve as a warning to those who look upon them that the wearer brings death and mortality to those he encounters. They evoke fear in the enemy, confidence in the soldier, but mostly brings an understanding to the field of combat that life is short. Many units have chosen the skull symbol as their mascot for their unit and patches and many more will continue to do so, at least until there is no more death.

Examples of Military Skull Patches

We at Popular Patch have embraced this age old tradition with patches and skulls, and wanted to share some examples that use them from our inventory.

One particular patch uses the skull and crossbones historical symbol used in pirate flags and adds a little flare. The hat is unmistakably military in origin and the menacing grimace from the skull says, “Don’t mess with me.” We love this patch, and uses the symbology quite well.


The Vietnam Death Card Patch is a representation of a psychological tactic that was used during that era. Military soldiers believed the aces of spades represented death to their enemies, the Viet Cong soldiers and used the cards to scare their enemy into not fighting. This is a great addition to our military skull patch collection.

This patch is reminiscent of the Punisher skull and features special text “God will judge our enemies – We’ll arrange the meeting.” Quite fitting for a military unit defending our country from the enemy. We love the symbolism of the skull and the simple colors that gives just the right amount of contrast. This military patch is worth every penny.


We have many more to see. Click here —>Skull<—- for a search of our Skull Patches. If you don’t see one you’re looking for send us an email or leave a comment below and we would be happy to help you locate it.


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