Military Insignia Meanings

Google defines an insignia as: A badge or distinguishing mark of military rank, office, or membership of an organization; an official emblem.

Having a representation of an idea, a group, a company, or a team has always been a long tradition. Often referred to as symbols, marks, logos, or designs; insignias have been embraced by peoples for centuries. Our Military sector is no different. Military patch Disney characters include Pluto, Mickey, Donald, Goofy and more. Skulls, guns, knives, sports, cars, cartoons, ladies, lizards, fish, sharks, cats, dogs, elephants, and much much more can all be found on the patches archived and housed in Popular Patch’s ever expanding warehouse.

The tradition continues. My grandfather has designed hundreds of patch insignias, and I myself have designed two patches so far for military units who have not had a design. It is an honor to find the perfect design to identify with them and their story. So the next time you see a military insignia just think about how many people might be represented, and how many stories that little design might hold.

If you have other examples of military insignias, lets us know in the comments below.


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