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We have been developing our Popular Patch website for a number of years now in an attempt to make it the most user friendly, and extensive patch website- period. Another goal that we have had is to also create a custom patch order process, that is simple, fast, and affordable, for all our different customers.

Maybe you’re a biker needing a new biker club patch, an instructor needing a custom gi or bjj patch, law enforcement needing new uniform patches, we have you covered. Maybe your a firefighter needing a custom fire station patch, an EMT needing a custom medic patch, or security firms needing an iron-on custom logo patch, Popular Patch Custom Patches has you covered! The majority of our requests come from our honored veterans looking for their specific military unit patches that they simply can not find anywhere.

With over 30 years of experience, Popular Patch offers the best quality patches and custom patches on the market. Not only the best quality, you will find our patch pricing is also hard to beat. From submitting a custom patch request, to getting your order in your mail box, or at your door, our custom patch process couldn’t be more simple.


Custom patches are a great way to market your brand or product. Embroidery has always held a higher status than screen printing or sublimation, and our custom patches have a quality that is hard to beat. The truth is people like patches, and would never consider throwing one away. But the truth also is… patches are very affordable! So, why not put your brand, or logo, on a patch as a free offering, or gift with the purchase of your product or service. Your customers just might start sporting your patches on their bags, jackets or clothing, transforming them into your brand ambassadors, how cool is that!? Or maybe those company jackets you buy every Christmas would be a bit less expensive if you could just apply patches to them as opposed to your yearly order with your local embroidery shop. 

With custom patches you have a few options to consider. We offer pvc backed patches standard on orders. PVC backing is a plastic backing that helps extend the life of the patch by giving it durability, and structure. Or you can opt for custom patches with an iron-on backing, great for applying on canvas, or cotton material. Custom iron-on patches are also great for hats and ball caps. For custom tactical patches velcro, or hook and loop, backing is great for your gear. “Velcro” is actually a brand name so the patch industry most commonly refers to these as Hook & Loop. Hook backing is what will come on the patch, it is the harder plastic side with lots of tinny hooks. Loop is the soft side that the hook side secures to. A lot of tactical gear already has loop sections on it, making “Hook” backing a great choice. Or order with both Hook & Loop so you can sew the loop material anywhere you would like to your clothing to place the patch.

There are a couple options for the edge of your custom patch as well. A Merrowed edge is traditional with the boarder of the patch having threading that loops around from the back to the front of the of the patch. A Merrowed edge, or Merrowed boarder, patch work best for round shapes. For custom shapes, or any custom patch with a  sharper corner to two, a Cut, or Flat edge is best. These patches are generally cut with a laser machine making it possible to be very intricate.

And of course you have your size of custom patches. We can handle up to a 12″ custom back patch perfect for jackets all the way down to a 2 inch custom small patch perfect for a hat. Please note that with embroidery, the larger the patch the more and better the detail turns out, the smaller the patch the less the detail turns out. 

Now that you know everything there is to know about custom embroidered patches, what are you waiting for? Fill out your patch request now!


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