William Wallace Patch Quote

Ok, this is embarrassing.

We got a contract to supply the entire Scottish army lead by none other than William Wallace himself with a freaking ton of patches! 2,300 to be exact. I’m certain you can see why. I mean that’s quite a lot of patches and quite a bit of exposure. But we screwed up. Before the battle was to begin, and we were supposed to have the patches in hand, William Wallace rode up wearing one of our mountain infantry patches, the very one we were supposed to supply the rest of the army with just before the Battle of Stirling Bridge. Well we got a little confused on our dates and they were late. With outstretched arms, Wallace said:

“Where’s the patches?”

– William Wallace

Well you can imagine we hung our head in shame a bit. Well you can be sure that mistake won’t happen a second time; our patches are always on time and we made a few calls. Our people in the warehouse rushed the order down on horseback and the entire Scottish army had the patches just in time for the battle! Whew that was close.

If you hear of other celebrities or famous people who want to endorse our patches or our company Popular Patch, please let us know in the comments below. We are super excited for all of our endorsements!


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