Spock from Star Trek is serving in our US Military

Thats right. It is a little known fact that Spockfrom Star Trek, or Mister Spock as he prefers, is currently serving in our US Military! How is that possible? He wont even be born until 2230. Well it is true.

We all know of the future documentary ‘Star Trek’ which came out back in 1966, and of course the new Star Trek movies. Remember how Spock disappeared in 2387after saving the Federation from a supernovathat destroyed Romulus, causing the creation of the alternate reality? (Yeah us neither.) Well we are in that alternate reality right here and now!

Spock, still conflicted with who he was Vulcan or Human, decided to take the time and a trip back to hang out with us humans! Mister Spock very shortly enlisted in the Army and has done very well during his time of military service; he has risen in rank and currently serves as an O-9 LieutenantGeneral. When we caught up with Spock we asked him what caused him to join the military. Well it was actually a very familiar story of trying to discover who you are.

“Even at my age I was struggling with who I was. I love my homeworld but there was this whole other part of me on my mom’s side I needed to discover.”, said Spock “Logically, it is also true, we all have to see what we are made of.” It seems to us that Lieutenant General Spock has done just that. Seen here sporting one of our US flag patchesand giving advice and his coined phrase to a group of recruits, Lieutenant General Spock admits he got mixed up as he was just on our website looking at all of our great patches. We couldn’t blame him, in fact we were honored. We asked him who was supplying Starfleet with all of their patch needs in the near future? Mister Spock simply smiled at us and said Popular Patch has little to worry about moving forward. When we asked how much longer he was sticking around for he just simply replied, “Well, its kinda complicated.”

If you have served under MisterLieutenant General Spock we would love to hear from you. If you have any endorsement suggestions feel free to let us know.


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