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Recently Popular Patch decided to support Troop Rewards, a non profit organization based out of Tampa Florida that helps provide much needed vacations to returning military personnel and their families. They help in the recovering process and we wanted to encourage that engagement by sending some love down to them via military patches for these guys they helped this last month. We recently just received a letter from the Executive Director, Tom Burkett, and wanted you to see it, so check it out below!

Your patches were a big hit with the Airmen and families, in fact, we had a hotel guest that saw them and wanted some for her father that served in the USAF. So, thank you so much for providing those to us.

I’ve attached some pictures of our event on Memorial Day, that Congressman Bilirakis and Mayor of Clearwater, attended and spoke at. Two weeks ago, we added Jessica Schwarzkopf as a Honorary Board Member and she is going to also be our Troop Reward’s Ambassador.

I will be traveling to London in July to share the details of our charity’s program of providing no-cost recovery vacations to returning troops from the war in Afghanistan. I will be meeting with His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales’ patron charity called Troop Aid. I’m meeting with Troop Aid Chairman, Al Sutton at the Mayfair Hotel on 11th, July 2013. Until now, they have been offering care packages to soldiers but are looking at ways to increase the impact of services benefiting these returning soldiers and are very interested in hearing about what we are doing in the U.S with Troop Rewards.

Until now, Major U.S. Resort chains have been reluctant to offer no-cost rooms to returning service members because it would interrupt their current business model and pricing. But with Troop Rewards controlling the distribution channel, these rewards can match up with their available inventory every month. So, now, we are able to provide these recovery vacations with their families by partnering with large Resort Hotel partners that have 100’s of locations all over the U.S.

This is why one of the largest private Resort Hotel owners in the U.S., Ocean Properties, Ltd, is so excited about their involvement with us and looking at rolling it out to some of it’s 120 resorts throughout the U.S. It’s easy for them to make in-kind donations of 1% of their unused rooms to Troop Rewards. We in turn, work with U.S. Military Bases’s Reintegration Programs to select these soldiers coming back home from deployment as part of their transition back to civilian life. The quality bonding time with their families is what makes our mission a success.

After sharing what we do with Congressman Bilirakis, he has invited us to Washington, D.C. to share Troop Reward’s mission with other members of Congress later this year.

Thanks again for being a part of the this very worthy cause.


Tom Burkett
Executive Director
Troop Rewards Org.
A Florida Non-Profit Corporation
11928 Royce Waterford Circle
Tampa, Fl 33626

We have been branching out more and more to help our veterans and we are so grateful to be able to work with Troop Rewards. Pay them a visit and support them if you can. If you know of an organization that could use some love, please let us know in the comments section below or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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