Napoleon Bonaparte Wears Patches

So things have been dry at Popular Patch lately. We haven’t had any regular celebrities coming through with the holidays and all. I think they have all been on vacation or drinking martinis in some bar that is no where near us. Either way, we have been hard at work getting our zombie disposal unit patches in, and we finally have them up on our website. Once they were up we got a very interesting call from Napoleon Bonaparte. I thought he was dead, but obviously I was wrong… He plainly stated:

Napoleon Loves Patches!

I love patches. They make me feel large.

– Napoleon Bonaparte

We assumed it was due to his stature complex even though most people don’t think he has one. I kinda had a sense that he was overcompensating, and what better way than with one of our zombie patches. Killing undead is a great way to help boost your masculinity and/or feel alive.

If you hear of any other celebrities or famous people that want to give us a patch quote, leave a comment below or send us an email.

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