Michael Bluth Wants Patches

We ran into Michael Bluth yesterday from Arrested Development and boy were we excited. After some simple exchanges about his family, business, and recent return for season 4 exclusively on Netflix, he began to ask what we did. I got into the intricacies of patches and how much we enjoyed them, I showed him our websiteand blog, and explained the honor we love to show to our servicemen and women who wear them. I think our excitement wore off on him a little. Ok a lot! He took us back to his house and pitched an idea to his family… I can’t tell you how excited I am about this! Take a look below:

“Patches! Patches in the Banana Stand!”

They always said, “…there’s always money in the banana stand.” And now there is another reason for that… They have decided to place a wholesale order for some military patches to sell in their prestigious banana stand and I think it’s a great fit. I mean what doesn’t go with frozen bananas? Military unit patches are no exception!

If you hear of any more celebrities who like patches please let know. We are looking for more endorsements and some patch loving comments! Lets us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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