Jack Sparrow Wants Pirate Patches

The captain of the Black Pearl was pulling into harbor where we had our booth set up on dock for selling our patches. We knew Jack Sparrow from his movies and his gait was unmistakable. As he sauntered by, one of our patches caught his eye and he stopped abruptly and picked it up off the table. He eyed it enthusiastically, saw our pricing for wholesale patches, and asked…

“You’re saying I can get these for all my mates?”

-Jack Sparrow

We knew we had won him over with the skull and crossed cutlass patch as soon as he picked it up, and we promptly replied, “Of course!” We immediately supplied the entire crew with pirate patches and everyone came away with a smile. Super excited for this great contact!

If you have any other celebrities that you know who would like to endorse us or our patches, please let us know! We would love to hear from you.


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