Dirty Harry wants a Patch

rn Yeah you read that right. This guy is the last guy I want to cross.  most of the time has a huge freaking gun he carries around with him as we all know, but this was a little different. He caught up to us when we were having a bite to eat out at a local restaurant after he heard about Popular Patch. We caught him from the corner of our eye, as he reached into his jacket.

rn I think I peed a little. But we were so relieved when he pulled out a 101st Airborne Patch and asked us:


rn “Can you make this patch? Well… Can ya… Punk?”

rn – Dirty Harry

rn After the shock wore off our faces, we immediately responded to him with an emphatic, “YES!!!” We then proceeded to tell him that we actually have the 101st Airborne Patches in stock all the time as they are one of our biggest sellers. He gave us a great smile which so much reminded me of Clint Eastwood, and then proceeded to place an order with us right there at our table! Can you imagine our excitement? I mean this guy is cool… really cool.

rn If you hear of any more celebrities that want to talk about our patches or give us an endorsement, please let us know in the comments below!


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