Honoring Troops

Growing up, my mother had me watch plenty of old musicals, dramas, and comedies. Each movie had its share of cheese, but many held a central theme of war or military with an attached fondness. Bing Crosby, and Donald O’Conner come to mind as men who sang “Gee I wish I was back in the […]

Why Are Patches Desirable

So you might ask, what is so great about a patch?rnrnA patch can be an efficient tangible reminder of persons, places, events, transitions, achievements, and unity.It is a way to commemorate our own experiences as well as experiences of others.According to 2012 statistics, 13% of American adults are military veterans.1Currently less than half a percent […]

Jack Sparrow Wants Pirate Patches

The captain of the Black Pearl was pulling into harbor where we had our booth set up on dock for selling our patches. We knew Jack Sparrow from his movies and his gait was unmistakable. As he sauntered by, one of our patches caught his eye and he stopped abruptly and picked it up off […]

John Wayne Patch Quote

Now we didn’t get to sit down with him, but John Wayne, the Duke, was overheard recently speaking about his beret patch for the 5th Special Forces.He was telling a child a little about his military patch on his beret, and this is what he said in his conversation:”You see, this patch means I’m a bad ass.”-John WayneHe […]

Jesus Adores Patches

Well this one takes the cake. I was hanging out with Jesus and he even likes Popular Patch. After gabbing about the political climate of the United States, the topic changed to what I was doing lately. I told Him about our patch blog, our warehouse full of patches, our website, and our vision and I saw […]

William Wallace Patch Quote

Ok, this is embarrassing.We got a contract to supply the entire Scottish army lead by none other than William Wallace himself with a freaking ton of patches! 2,300 to be exact. I’m certain you can see why. I mean that’s quite a lot of patches and quite a bit of exposure. But we screwed up. […]