Captain Morpheus of the Matrix wants our Military Patches

Morpheus captain of the Nebuchadnezzar stopped by to talk patches!

Unless you took the blue pill in which case we had a highly sought after terrorist here in the matrix pay us a visit. Either way Morpheus had called us up and wanted to pay us a visit. After rummaging around our vast warehouse containing tens of thousands of military patches we sat down and started discussing matters of the free world. After informing us that he had just recruited an entirely new crew and wanted to initiate them with a new insignia Morpheus had a different “red blue” question for us. Sitting there he pulled out two of our patches and asked…


The red patch or the blue patch?

– Morpheus

Captain Morpheus of the Matrix wants our Military Patches?! It was a tough choice, the red patch was the 7th Infantry Division’s patch, also known as the Hourglass Division, with a red background and a black hour glass shape, actually one seven inverted and one upright, but with the sevens filled in it gives a strong black widow message which I think is what Morpheus was going for.

And the blue patch, the 550th Airborne Infantry Regiment patch, “A Bolt From The Blue.” This was originally formed as an air landing unit but I suspected Morpheus was liking the word play and the lightning bolt. Also I think a new coat of blue paint might have been going on the Nebuchadnezzar.

So after sitting there and looking at the options for a while we had to tell him, “Remember all we are offering is patches.”

If you know of anyone else who loves our patches let us know.


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