Adam & Eve Love Patch Functionality

So… We found a time machine. And naturally we took a trip back to the beginning of time, specifically the 2nd week. And wouldn’t you know it, we ran across the two that started it all… Adam & Eve! They realized they were naked, was hiding for some reason, and came out of the bushes with some fig leaves in hand. We knew they couldn’t really continue on this way, and we just happened to have a few military patches on us from the future. So we handed them over, and with grateful faces they said:

Adam, do these patches make me look fat?


I’m not entirely sure what was going through Adam’s head but at first he said nothing. I was about to whisper, “Good dodge.” to him, since it seemed appropriate, but he went on to blame her for eating some fruit. Oh well, I guess history has a way of repeating itself. We let them be.

If you hear of any other celebrities or famous people who would like to give us an endorsement or talk about our military patches, we would love to hear from you.

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